Our story

A few years ago I had an idea to set up my own business as I've always wanted to work for myself. This business wasn't Foilux, it was a baby hamper business. Unfortunately this didn't work out as I just didn't have the knowledge or tools to expand.

Fast forward to 2020 having just experienced a national pandemic, I'd had a lot of time to reflect on my job situation and I realised that I didn't have passion for it anymore and just wasn't happy. So I started experimenting with designing foil prints and set up an Etsy shop with the hope to do it full time. I've never really had a creative outlet but I've always been quite artsy, so for me this was something that I could really sink my teeth into. I concentrated on adding a really personal touch to my customer service and products, and the rest slowly unfolded. The support we've had through Tiktok is absolutely amazing and I can genuinely say, we have the best customers!

If you'd like to see updates, head over to our Instagram/Tiktok @foilux 

Steph x